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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sidebar Titles

A sidebar title are titles that go above your sidebar items. There are basically three choices when it comes to sidebar titles:
  • Standard titles (no charge)
  • Super standard titles ($5)
  • Custom titles w/cute font and/or images ($15 ala carte for set of 12-same style)
Standard titles are the ones that you already have on your blog. You will easily be able to make changes to standard titles once I am finished with your makeover, just as you did before.

Super standard titles are written in the same font as the post text and can be underlined, bold, or italicized. You will easily be able to change the wording in these titles after the makeover. Additional titles are as easy as adding a gadget and putting the title in the title field, just as you did before. Add an italics, underline or bold appearance to your sidebar titles to your makeover order for $5!

All custom sidebar titles will bear the same image and font to create a sense of continuity throughout your blog. Custom sidebar titles are created using a program on my computer and therefore can only be modified by me. I can make changes to and/or create additional sidebar titles for $1.50 each (with a $5 minimum order). Custom sidebar titles are included in the Sure to Surprise package. Add a set of 12 to your Simple, Sweet, or Sophisticated makeover for $15!


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